Bunch of Bugs:

I bought and downloaded my copy of the game through GOG on my PC,
Here are a few major problems I am having... (and yes, I tried reinstalling the game)

(1) often cannot remove my lock on enemies. I am forced to run away until they unload or something--camera remains locked on to them until I get far enough that it forces my lock to be broken.

(2) When I load into new areas, my character becomes frozen in place. I have to initiate a dodge input to be able to move again.
(3) when I load into a new area, sometimes the camera becomes stuck and will stop following my character. I am forced to quit to the main menu and reload.

(4) When I am in the practice realm off of the Meditation menu, Sometimes my character glitches out when auto-playing different moves (the 3rd and 4th always).

(5) Occasionally during regular combat my character flickers between stances. Very annoying. I can't predict which stance I am in then...

(6) I have had two random game crashes.

(7) One freeze during matchmaking/loading for a 1v1.. I had to end the program through my Taskmanager.

Please help--or Please fix. These are really obnoxious and hurt the overall fluidity of the game, let alone my gameplay experience.

Let me know if you too have experienced these!


  • Hey there,

    Thank you for the information. We really appreciate your feedback and I'll make sure to pass it along to the rest of the team.

  • No problem!

    Here's an update to (6): The crashes have only occurred while online. I was just playing for a few hours offline without any crashes. Just got online a few minutes ago and the game crashed/disappeared after about 8 minutes--while helping some random guy with a 1v3.

    (5) Stance flickering did not occur while Offline.
    (2) & (3) did not occur while Offline.

    I am unsure whether (1) is actually related to online play or not... I don't remember experiencing it while playing offline in my last play session... but I very well might have?? In hindsight it feels as though it happened all over my gameplay experience.
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