Mouse controls are a bit anoying

Ad in the option to bind cutom keys for mouse abilities, including attack and secondary attack. I would very much like to bind my keys so i can use the numpad when in combat to parry and dodge and stuff


  • Hey Sneakybacon, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! I'm happy to confirm that the team are looking into key binding options, though as it's in planning, I can't confirm an ETA yet. I'll provide as much info as I can once it becomes available!

    (Great idea on the numpad controlling abilities by the way, I'd love to try that myself!)
  • I'm glad you think so, If it were up to me I would bind my parry left on num4 and parry right on num 6 and use num5 for normal attacks and num zero for alt attacks since if I use the mouse it sometimes dodge wrong way and lots op PC games have given me the habit of wanting to look around so I keep parrying nothing and gettin slapped haha... good to hear the team is planning something, I really see a lot of potential In this game and now that its out I think It will live up to that pontential, Ive been hyped about it since I first heard of it a year ago

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