Stagger move sword move set training

Hey, looking for someone or anyone to train the stagger sword move set, I just new 3 more to finish and I cant find the moves. I also have all the hand to hand stagger moves. If your interested add me on steam, Eversion is my username. My discord is Edvant.


  • I know this is probably not what you want but I can tell you the 4 npcs that give the stagger moves. the ones with the small capes in the essence vaults, the ragged clothed ones in the exterior area of tower of adal (not the ones that use forsaken think they actually use windfall if I'm not mistaken), the armored ones that spawn around the southern most zones, and the colorful sort of festive ish looking ones in the northern most zones(I think its forest caller gear but my not positive) . now of course I don't know your level so they might not spawn for you but these are the npcs that give the sword moves, well those and jinn mesca(or however you spell it, its been a bit since ive seen his name lol) .
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    Oh I'm Jinn Mesca, fuckin nice to meet you, i'll teach all the sword moves!
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