I am completely unable to play Absolver.

Good night forum, Sloclap, Devolver and everyone else.

My name is Cameron but I usually go by ItZSilver while gaming.
To get straight to the point, there is no possible way for me to play the game.
BTW, I use Steam to play Absolver.

At this point, I have already finished the current story and reached the NPC that grants you with the Stagger school.
My location is saved at the colosseum where you fight Kuretz.

Any progress made while playing is not saved once reaching an altar or any other save attempt.
All items, experience, school experience, moves, and abilities are "forgotten" once loading back into the game whether off or online.
This is very frustrating, especially when making new builds and mixing clothes than to load into everything reset to how it was before.

I've gotten to the point where I was willing to start all over to finish the game just to be able to play again but I was not even able to create a new character so I've deleted all my save files and disabled steam cloud sync to see if it made a difference. At first, the save file that I deleted was still present and would not let me access it which makes sense. I was still not able to make a new character but after reloading and clicking my level 31 Absolver, it started as if I made a new character but no progress was saved while using this.

I really enjoy this game and at the moment, I cannot make any progress on any character I currently have available, and I can't make any new character hoping that I can break through the bug. I will still give Absolver and its team my support but if this problem continues without any fix on my own end or otherwise, I'll be issuing a refund. Although I have faith, I'll keep trying my best to play but it seems pointless if I can't move forward or start over.

Have a nice night,
Cameron a.k.a. ItZSilver


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