Question about loading zone at the top of the Tower of Adal

When you run to the top of the Tower of Adal, you hit a zone line just after the Essence Reserves.

I had always wondered why that load was there as there is no other zone-load like that elsewhere in the game.
It seemed to me as though it was originally intended to have more of the Tower explorable.

The other day, as I was on my way down from the top of the Tower, I hit the zone-load, but instead of appearing at the top of the Essence Reserves area, I was in the exact same spot on the stairs as I was when I hit the load line.

I proceeded to explore, the geometry faded away, and I fell a long distance.

I spent the next 45 minutes reloading into that area, and found a couple of ledges I could walk on, and saw what appeared to be other paths that I could not reach.
I eventually loaded into the correct area, and went about business as usual.

My question to the dev team- was there originally an intent to have more of the Tower explorable?



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