Is it just me or does the beginning of this game seem almost intentionally designed to discourage you and get you to quit immediately? I have gotten as far as the first altar, where it gives the combat trials option, and this seems to be the next part of the natural progression. (I don't really know, because there is virtually no actual guidance). Every time I have gone up against someone who either has a set of combos, or has timed it, so I am staggered and very rarely get a chance to fight back. I am barely getting a handle on the combat controls and system and am immediately expected to PvP, and evidently against much more experienced players?

Either this isn't the next step, isn't a required step, or it is ridiculous to throw us headlong into this with virtually no training or build up. I have almost no flexibility with combat deck atm because I have very limited moves. It seems utterly bizarre that they would match us against each other this early and without any actual aid in getting to know the game.


  • It is not the next step.
    Though it can be a nice way to earn some EXP

    The next step is to wander around the nearby zones fighting the random guys you find and gathering loot. Also killing the marked ones.
  • Well then I guess I am the idiot lol! Sort of wish they would give you more direction though. Why did they put an altar there, the only feature of which is new being Combat Trials, if that isn't the next step?
  • Altars serve as a "checkpoint" allowing you to respawn there when you die. They work similarly to bonfires in Dark Souls if you've ever played that.
  • altars serve a number of functions.

    They heal you, serve as a selectable respawn point for an area, provide access to the various systems you saw, brings up a very vague map and mark a relative safe zone for meditation and item sorting.

    Theres an NPC in the same room as the first altar next to the mapstone thing. He tells you the next objective.
    Which is also pretty vague. Go kill the marked. The map shows you where they all are. Roughly.
  • I recommend finishing the story... and maybe even playing offline a bit more after that, if there is some move you reallyw ant in your deck, but haven't gotten "naturally" until finishing the story.

    The story is short, in a good way. I also recommend playing offline, because the open world lag is hardly worth the lil fun you can have in coop.
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