A few "bugs" I found here and there

Hey, here are a few things I noticed whilst playing the game :
When I open the Xbox menu with Shift+F3, it tells me I'm playing Wuguan, which isn't the name of the game anymore. So I thought you might want to update this :)

Also, I said it on another post already, but I can't manage to find where the photos taken in photo mode are saved :/

And more broadly speaking, I thought it'd be nice to update the Sloclap website, as Sifu isn't really "in dev" anymore, and maybe make a new forum for Sifu, or make a new section on this forum especially for your newly released game.
Btw, what is the best way to send feedbacks on your games, if ever I have other things I find worth being noticed ?

Thank you so much for your time, and especially for your game. Good luck with the final work on the release :)

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