About game ban

This is a letter written by translation software
The ban standards for your studio are really incomprehensible.
The accelerator will be blocked by mistake,
Switching back to the desktop will be blocked by mistake,
What criteria do you use to judge whether a player is a cheating player?
The data in the game is normal, but have you detected illegal programs?
May I ask where illegal programs cannot modify game data.
Can the illegal program be published?
I purchased this game on December 7, 2018, and the play time is only 10 hours.
I received the following letter:
Ban imposed by game developers
Absolver-View help page
Game bans are implemented by each game itself, not VAC bans. Steam support cannot lift your in-game ban, nor can it provide you with more information about the ban. All the information about the ban that you can get is provided in the game.

See answers to frequently asked questions about game bans.
Please tell me why.
There are also a lot of incorrectly blocked comments in the comment area of ​​your game. They are all blocked by the developer, and there is no way to appeal. Generally, appeals are failed, or are you unwilling to spend extra energy to resolve?
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