Successful parry negating damage but costing stamina?

First off, this is my first post and I've made this account to post this question as I can't find a similar post.
I absolutely adore Absolver. It is the most amazing and genuinely unique fighting game I've ever seen/played. If it turns out this is an intended mechanic then so be it, well done Sloclap for the intricacy of forsaken defensive give n take. This is not a salty post.
I have experienced this issue with forsaken parry loads of times. Where I successfully parry an attack (negating damage) but lose stamina as if the parry was incorrectly timed. I know an early Windfall strafe will successfully avoid a thrust/vertical attack but award no stamina gain (understandably). But often I find I will parry an attack correctly, as far as I can tell, but I won't gain any stamina. In fact I lose a lil chunk.
Is this maybe because I've parried a fast attack that awards me less stamina than the parry cost or is this a bug?
Would love to hear that I'm not alone in noticing this and also if anyone has any theories as to why.
Again, love the game to bits. Just an explanation would be sufficient. I've just not found a post regarding this subject.
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