Some Player have the same problem like me. Ingame a red message pops up:"anti-Cheat-Violation". You get logged out. You can follow the discussion in steam too.

Dear Absolver team. How to fix it?


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    reinstalled..doesn´t work either.
  • @Misheru EAC had an accidental update. its patched back and should be fixed now.
  • Thank you <3
  • reinstall the game after so many years and it seems to me anti cheat ban some help with that
  • Didn´t need help?
  • i have recently got the same message also, the anti-cheat banned in the top right corner and it only appeared when i changed schools and would not go away on my main account no matter what but i was still able to have access to the servers and start the game in online mode but it lags like crazy. so i made an alt steam account and shared the game with that account it the message did not appear until i opened the schools menu and it would go away after i closed it. my main account the message would appear the moment i loaded into the game world and would keep appearing even after i quit to the main menu and gone to offline mode and only then after some time is would stop showing.
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