I bought the game 3 days ago and I’m totally in love with it from the beginning. The combat system is awesome and the art wonderful, all in the game transmits patience and spirituality, calm...
I enjoyed it a lot the first run playing stagger style. Then on the second player I decided to create my own boxing style, and I’m really seeing the deep of the combat system. It’s simply great.

But what I love of this game is the random encounters with other players in the battlefield. Awesome and funny stories happen without even speaking, just using the emos, It’s so cool.
It’s kinda disappointing when you play and no find no one...

That‘s why i can’t stop thinking about the real possibilities of this game, but what it really need is more players.

Adding a new map with some new bosses and Lore can be a good start to attract old players and pve lovers. You can even use downfall assets for the beggining and keep going from there...

Weekend tournaments. You can do weekly school(3on3) and individual 1on1 organized tournaments with cool prizes. Maybe a new battle arena where the rest of players can go to expect idk, but the official tournaments sound like a good idea to attract pvp lovers.

Event bosses. Maybe a new gang of powerful bosses appears in a random area once a week and people should team up to defeat em and steal the treasure...(not my favorite idea but doesn’t sounds that bad to incentivate the coop)

I don’t know how to say that part, english It’s not my main language but i hope you understand me.
I noticed that the game is not too known in my country (spain btw) cause everyone says It’s too short and all that... idk if you thought about that but change the business system to free2play, will attract a lot of players in all platforms. Adding a donation system, maybe to buy crystals, essence or something like that and keep adding stuff to the store will keep growing benefits as you expand the game...

I know I’m no one to say you how to do business but that‘s all my opinion btw.

Doing that with the help of the expansions i’ve mentioned, and focusing in the mmo part (disciple invitations, maybe a trade system, a schools lobby like a dojo or something like that to train with your school mates...Idk) i’m Sure a lot of people will discover the greatness of this game, and the community will keep growing from there.

Thank you for reading, I hope it helps in any way.

See you in game.


  • Dude I've played this game since the day it launched and as a PVE lover I couldn't agree more with you and i stand behind every word that you said I really hope that the will do something about it.
  • This is what i like to see. However if you want to support, paying for new DLC or gear from the market place is the way to do it. Keep letting them know we want more of this.
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