Trading of equipment between players.

Hello all,

I’m new to Absolver and am completely enamoured with it.


I’m losing sleep :)

I’m making new online friends thick and fast and it was during a conversation with one of these new friends an idea dawned on us:

We were trading screenshots of masks we’d found, earned and that had dropped from Rift Disks. He’d found the Night Owl mask that he liked, but that I loved.

I then lucked out; three Rift Disks gave me two Sand Tribe masks.
It was then that he mentioned he’d been hunting for that mask for ages and that it was a shame we couldn’t trade because he’d have traded his Nigh Owl for one of my Sand Tribes.

So, finally, to the point - are there any plans to introduce trading of equipment between players?
Just equipment mind you, moves should always be taught and learnt.

So that’s it really, love the world and that combat mechanic is amazing.

Keep up the good work and thanks for your time.


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