Make dodge great again

So I played prior to the current patch and found that the dodge was good and felt a little far but not too crazy. Currently, there may as well not even be a dodge option as you pretty much do not move when you dodge. Now I'm not asking for it to be what it once was but can we at least move so that when you're getting ganked by players (or npc's 5 to 1) that you can I don't know, maneuver around? At one time, you developers thought the dodge was a good mechanic. I just want it to move again. Not like it did, but better than it does now.


  • Hey Naezjinra,

    If you're referring to manual dodge, it was far too strong in the Downfall patch and needed to be brought back down closer to pre-Downfall strength to bring the game back towards balance.
  • I agree with you that the dodge is too underpowered. Yes it was a little overpowered before but now you might as well walk away and it’s more effective.
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    manuel dodge still has its purposes. changing your oponnents stance while dodging, spacing and sidedodges for khalt players.

    keep in mind that the dodge range is longer if you stand in the position of the dodge direction.

    for everything else you need to use your defensive abilities and basic movement.
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