Kicked from my School

Got on my Xbox after the Update today to find that I was kicked out of my own School and can only join as a new student. Lost all my progress and my 200 wins. I love this game but all these bugs are starting to bother me. The schools have a problem every couple of weeks it seems.


  • Hey ghostghost,

    The school servers have been fixed and you should have access to all schools again.
  • Thanks for the update!!Do you know if I will still get my rewards??? Told me I’d have to participate in next event for rewards.
  • Hey ghostghost,

    Unfortunately there's no way to retroactively apply rewards to accounts.
  • Ok. I’ll live thanks for the quick reply
  • On second thought. I played for hours on end working for that 12th position and now it’s all meaningless. I put in all that work and it is now pointless to be in my school for me. I did make a new school and leave my old one but it’s not like I had a choice. My decked was in bad shape and I couldn’t update it to improve it. So I made a new one and started working for that top 99th at least. and now after switching back to my old school after the problem was fixed I find that I can’t even get the rewards lol. So now I might as well make a new school and start grinding again. I already cut my losses but man this sucks.
  • On second thought just looked at the rewards. Not even the slightest bit upset anymore.
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