My school is gone after Xbox one update

Just lost my progress and my school after finishing the update? I was in top 40 or so for personal score and over 100 games played for this season and it’s all gone... :(


  • Also where are the snow maps? When I walk to shipyard or birdhouse its still the same as it always was.. are the new maps only in combat trials?
  • I am really hoping you guys can do something about this school problem. I bought this game on ps4 and Xbox. Pre ordered it even on ps4. I love it and have stuck with it through all of it’s issues and changes over the span it has been out on console. I want to and have supported you guys but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. The Xbox version has had school issues since release. :(
  • Same problem. Kicked me and made me a student when I rejoined. Can’t update my school and it reset my record. Would love my rank and mentor status back.
  • Hey all,

    The school servers have been fixed and all schools should be available again.

    MrOmny, the new snowy maps are in the Combat Trials only.
  • Thanks vanguard! Appreciate it
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