Disappearing schools and removing mentors from their schools.

(PS4) Me and a few other people have been experiencing bugs with schools. I've seen countless people complain about not being able to represent their school in Combat Trials but a MUCH more devastating problem has arised. Mentors are being kicked out of their schools or in more serious cases like mine the schools is being DELETED out of nowhere for no reason. I just recently hit over 200 and woke up this morning to my school being gone. This is horrible and I want to know how Sloclap will compensate for losing so much hard work and so many friends/followers. It's very upsetting because I've had this same school since I was barely bronze (I'm now max emerald and have been for some time). I love absolver but this is absolutely un-acceptable and honestly hard to bear. What can Sloclap do to fix this? Thank you for reading if you want specifics on the time I found out about this and the exact names of the other people I've seen with these problems just tell me.


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