Lagg against specific players

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The discussion i made about this topic seems to be deleted.
That didnt happen to any of my previous 40 discussions so it makes me curious.

To keep it short.
1. Some players seem to have connection issues to other players without any good reason.
They can live close to each other and have perfectly fine internet. It seems to be some kind of bug.
I listened to alot of other players with similar problems.
One specific example is the fight of Colletior and me (same name and picture on steam) on the 17.01.2019
from 1:51 am - 2:42 am. We both live close to each other with 15 ms to google servers.
(Northern Germany)

2. I have to post that here because the support isnt awnsering.

3. one video proof :
Space is my backdodge and i pressed it more than 10 frames before the hit.
Obviously my backdodge is delayed heavily but if you look at my life bar you can see
the damage applies quite some frames before the hit. This might be caused by a different
bug that desync. players from the actual animation as soon as they have a bad connection.


  • I answered under the thread too, adding further information. Why was the thread deleted by you SloClap? Why is there no information, no communication, no reason WHY it was deleted? Muting players for reporting legit problems is insane behaviour of a developer. I guess the plan was that we are tired to a) notice it and b) make another post. For my part I'm done with your community work. And your plan seems to go off succesfully, I'm too tired to memorize what exactly details I gave and I certaintly will not write another post that leads into nothing but deletion/bans/void. Absolver is so small cause of many things like these. Even Bethesda has problems with such behaviour (look at Fallout 76 and the reaction, Bethesda is now hated like never before).
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