Guard Breaks and Auto locks

I recently started playing absolver this week. I'm level 50, and rank 20 in PVP. I think the game is great and all, but I think it can use a few fixes.

Guard breaks: I play a mostly a 'Dex- build', with a few 'stagger/drunk-fist' as well. One of the main problems I've came across, is that; no matter what, if the opponent just blocks, I wont do damage. This is a TERRIBLE game mechanic. If I punch somebody, it should drastically chunk stamina and deal a little damage. Maybe if you play as an 'absorb' you can tank a little more, and get like 1 hit with zero damage. But like, for any stance to just tank the hits is insane. It makes people use their stances inefficiently. I dont even think I've been parry in this game by another player. Because everyone just blocks. And if you dont think its that bad. I fought the brother and sister boss, while just holding a guard. And they LITERALLY DID NOTHING! They had zero clue what to do. The AI couldn't figure out how to even combat it.
So my solution to this is a guard break, of some sort. or do what I said about chunking stamina and getting damaged. Because the game isnt fair until this is fixed.

Auto Lock: If you have faced anymore than 1 enemy in this game, you will know how much of a pain it is to switch the lock. It's even worse when you are mid fight. It really is the last thing you want to worry about, is having to switch locks mid fight. Even with the auto attack setting on, it still is garbage. In Darksouls a flick of the stick was you needed so it was quick and you never had to think about it. And that's the problem is thinking, there is already to much thinking in the game to have to worry about this
So this is my solution
If some one is attacking you, just have the camera switch to that fucking person.

Anyway these are some mechanic that I think should be looked into at least, I'd like to hear anyone else's thoughts on this. Hopefully something can change because I like the game enough to write this shit out. But thank you for your time.


  • The block problem you can resolve either by:

    1 - Guard breaking moves.

    2 - A special power that changes yours fist attackes from blunt to cut(similar to a weapon).

    3 - Just use a weapon.

    At least is my opnion but i think the game is naturally dificult to fight more than 1 enemy. Just remember that when it happens, your attackes go to the enemy that you're moving towards.It ins't good or bad but, If there is a better way to fight in that case i dont know for this game.
  • Its more a problem of information than of gameplay. To new players the guard seems unbreakable but more experienced player know very well that it runs out after the 2nd guard break and doesnt refill 100% before the fight continues. this way almost every hitting guard break will be the end of the block.

    You dont need to lock onto a new target to attack it. Just hold the movement into the direction of the enemie you want to attack while you do your combo. That will automatically switch you attack to him. It feels very intuitive for me and is easier than locking onto a new target.
    I can fully understand your frustration over learning these fight mechanics, its not that easy, but automatically locking onto an enemie that hit you would leed to an uncontrollable camera, wich would be far worse than the manuel attacking mechanic we now have.
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