Can this game be played completely offline?

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Hello, I have been following this game for a while and finally have enough money to buy it, but recently someone on my neighbourhood stole the cables that provided internet connection to the whole neighbourhood, according to the ISP a replacement will take about 2 to 3 and a half months.

I followed the game for a while and saw that the PvE was really limited and held off till the new PvE expansion was finished, and now that its out, can i play the base game and the expansion completely offline? and if i can, will playing offline impact my enjoyment of the game? I saw that you can get aditional styles by joining a school, even one that is a npc school, can i join that npc school offline?

Sorry for the bunch of questions but i really want to play this game for a long time now, but on my current situation i can arrange with a friend to lend him my pc and download it in his house, ut after that im on my own. I want to buy the game mostly for the pve though, so i want to know if i should buy the game even if i cant play online for a while or hold on to the money till later or buy another game? thanks.

Ps: Sorry if my english isn't the best, not my native language


  • I haven't tried playing offline, I'll try. In the mean time, PVE is cool and all, but in my opinion this game is built for PvP. The story line is short, downfall can get boring, and you can't unlock some items because they are for combat trials. (The PvP 1v1s/3v3s) All in all, you can (I'm pretty sure) play on offline mode, but it doesn't offer a full experience.
  • Thanks! Its a shame about the item unlocking, im aware that the story of the game is rather short, but im mostly getting it to mess around fighting with the AI mostly, I heard that downfall would get improved or more challenging AI, a new style and a new boss, so that might keep me busy for a while. Im aware that the main focus of the game is the multiplayer aspect, so im okay if there are some items that are unlocked via combat trials. Im curious now if you can play downfall of you are offline, would e a shame if I buy the game and after sinking some hours into it I realize that suddendly can't play that lol.
  • Hi Gensho8,

    Downfall mode is a PvE mode that can be played single-player, but is more difficult that way. So you can play it offline. While some items are locked behind your Combat Trial level which requires online play, they're not required to play the game as there are plenty of other items available in PvE that are comparable.
  • Thank you for the response, I think i'll uy the game after all, it might be a bit limited for the lack of internet for a while, but i think im going to have a blast anyway :D
  • I think so too! Have fun! :)
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