Duplicate Items Dye Glitch

So, I've uploaded a video showcasing the bug as it is the easiest way to explain.

It seem's like the game does not differentiate between the different scarfs and outfits. So; if I set the red scarf on the red outfit, and then proceed to set the white scarf on the white outfit, the red outfit will take on the white scarf.

In fact, the white scarf would override all the other outfits settings without my input. This renders a duplicate item meaningless and means I have to constantly dye my clothes depending on my outfit...

It's not game breaking, but pretty inconvenient and annoying.


  • Why am I not getting a response?

    I've heard amazing things about how clean these forums are and how friendly and supportive the Sloclap staff are on their own official forums... I'm sure there is a good explanation as to why I am being ignored while other bug reports are getting promptly responses.

    Did I perhaps report this in an incorrect fashion? Forgive me, I'm still figuring out the formalities of internet communications. I don't mean to offend anyone.

    Regardless, this is a bug right? Surely the game is not working in accordance to it's design in this specific scenario and I would like to do my part in seeing this issue resolved as I know Fabsolver lies close to the communities heart.

    I would really appreciate an update.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Weird, not sure why they aren't replying. Seen this on someone else's lets play. Hope they fix this soon :/
  • Weird, not sure why they aren't replying. Seen this on someone else's lets play. Hope they fix this soon :/

    I'm hoping it's not down to any internal politics within the development team. Although I have a strong suspicion that it's just that.

    Sloclap are kind of known to favor certain players over others, and the ones who get shunned simply go off and play another game and then justifiably go off and say bad things about the game based on their own personal experience of how they were treated by the community, and further go on to criticize the developers for unintentionally creating an atmosphere where that type of hostility can thrive.

    I'm guessing that I've simply been prejudiced against and that they think that I'm simply not worth giving a response. Not sure how they expect to create a popular and successful game with that attitude tho :'(

  • Hi colonelklutch619,

    We don't always have time to reply to every single post across all platforms. We appreciate the bug report and we'll look into it. As it's not game-breaking, it may not be a high priority.
  • Oh ok.

    Thanks for the explanation, I'm really satisfied with the manner of this response. I guess you do have your hands full and I doubt many people are crying about it so I guess I can understand that.

    I thought that maybe this glitch was linked to the school mask dye glitch, if you guys are aware of that one too. Since the school mask is technically(?) a duplicated item in your inventory and somehow reverts colours in a similar fashion...

    Maybe there is a similarity in the coding there that is causing the glitch? I dunno I'm just speculating and I only have a VERY rudimentary understanding of coding so could be completely wrong.
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    Also Vanguard,

    I don't want to be obnoxious and I say this with all due respect to you and the entire Sloclap team but I want to argue against that point that this is not exactly game-breaking. I know it's not my place to decide the development team's priorities but please just hear me out...

    Sure, as an isolated bug it's no big deal; but I think if more focus was put on things like skins, outfits, more content, a ranking system, spectator mode, better in-game communications and Bo Staff etc... instead of focusing on the "game-breaking" things that people complain about i.e. quick jabs, avoid moves, khalt and manual dodge (the latter being actually the only lifeline most newcomers have left in this fighting game and the only thing that gives a noob a chance against a veteran), then this game would probably retain more players, expand it's player base, give us as the community the tools we need to help the game grow through word of mouth etc etc...

    Fabsolver is such a big thing in Absolver and people will PAY for that. You guys make beautiful designs, I think you guys were too kind to give away the new Karshi and Tear Chief gear away for free, we don't deserve that. You guys deserve to have received money for it.

    If you opened up the door to harmless microtransactions in the form of new skins or maybe pay to start with all the moves and styles. There would be no in-game advantage in PvP since all moves can be unlocked without paying. Lots of players never even get to experience all the moves coz the community is so shitty now that we barely teach the newcomers new moves. That's the real problem and nerfing manual dodge isn't going to fix that, in fact it kind of only makes the situation worse. Do you think any of these players who complain about manual dodge ever bother to teach one the noobs they are complaining about some new moves? What's next after manual dodge nerf? Get rid of jabs? Anything that interrupts a goldlink combo? It's actually getting ridiculous how Sloclap are allowing themselves to be held hostage by a bunch of salty players and in the mean-time neglecting what the player base truly needs to expand the game.

    Nerfing manual dodge only serves to promote a certain playstyle that is so predominant in this game yet so far removed from what a true fighting game experience is, and that is a stamina micromanagement, goldlink spamming, mindgame playing, "please don't interrupt my combo" playstyle which every player needs to adapt, and all the tools that are necessary in a fighting game are slowly getting binned one by one because even the most basic techniques in a fighting game are vastly superior to that way of playing.

    What other purpose does nerfing manual dodge do except make the veterans have even less resistance to face when up against a noob? All these nerfs against; jabs, avoid moves, kahlt, and now potentially manual dodge is what is breaking the game. That is why I suggest focusing on all the things I have been suggesting across all these multiple platforms, they would seriously enable this game to grow; it would enable us as a community to nurture it.

    Right now the community is not being nurtured, it's being culled. It's the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I get it, these players who started complaining about "game-breaking" mechanics like; jabs, avoid moves, kahlt, manual dodge started off all cordial and polite with their communications and they fooled you by their reddit-like grammar etc etc and so you thought that they were the people you should listen to, and us who were frustrated at the state of our precious fighting game were considered hostile, you thought that we were salty coz we weren't good enough. We are good enough, it's just that our tools our consistently nerfed again and again and we are sick of it.

    I had to adapt so much just to articulate myself in a way where you guys would even take me seriously coz the standard is set really high by you guys. You have to understand that not every gamer comes from a professional background and this is really difficult for some people, but that doesn't make our opinion any less valid.

    These other guys who don't complain about the games lacking areas and instead take their frustrations out on specific mechanics that they struggle to personally win against in 1v1 CTs, those people become disrespectful over a lost match or even a loss of a single round against a noob and they get really disrespectful and basically lose all respect for the other player, and not just the respect of the player, they seem to lose all respect for the human being, like, a manual dodger is literally "trash" in their eyes.

    Whereas "we" who complain, not about winning or losing; but about the way Sloclap handle things, we don't mean to disrespect you guys, we're just disappointed and know you can do better. Yes I know it doesn't feel great to be criticized at your job, and truth be told: if I and a lot of players hadn't felt so much grief over the shortcomings in this game then maybe we would have kept our cool from the start. But we only felt so much grief and got so frustrated coz we absolutely love the game to bits and we know it can become so much bigger if you enable us to grow it. I may go on about tekken or soulcalibur comparisons, but I would never invest so much into either of those game as I have done with Absolver.


    Anyway apologies for posting all over the internet, also looking back I've clearly stepped out of line but I know this game is gonna be a massive hit one day, otherwise I would have gave up on it a long time ago and I think all of us fighting game players all think the same even if we can't bring ourselves to play it sometimes, we all keep our eyes on it hoping that something will change.


    I know I went on a massive tangent, I got a bit passionate but I tried not to be offensive or break any forum rules... and I know you guys have probably heard it all before but I ain't gonna give up on this game. Even if everyone is saying that it's already dying and that Sloclap are gonna abandon the game, until you guys yourselves as the developers say so then to me as long as I can find even one opponent on CT this game ain't dead to me and I'll always be vocal about my opinion of the game as long as it lives.

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    ^Once you're done reading that, could you remove these posts from the forums? They are quite unsightly for the players and I'm not trying to make you guys look bad. I'd do it myself but it doesn't seem like I am able to... ^^

    Edit: I just noticed that the bug report section specifically states not to make suggestions so technically what I am doing is illegal in these forums. Whoops
  • Not sure if anyone in Sloclap cares but I actually found a work around.

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