need to understand how build work

I try so many ways of build/technics/characteristic but i continue to see very very big differences/injustice :( .

I am lvl 45 , full force with good life and good resistance, with technics needing force, and simple lvl 15 distroy me. When he hit me, i loose a big part of life. Me, when i hit him , his life go down sooooo slowly (when he don't protect himself).

So i don't understand. I try to understand how work the puissance, the resistance, the characteristics, the builds etc.... but when i see this kind of thing i want to say fuck the logic.

Can you help me to understand better all that ? How can i do realy big dommages, and loose very few my life when i recive hits ?


  • Hi Irina,
    I think the build you're after should be balanced like so:
    Depending on gear (approximation) -
    80 Blunt resistance, 16 Mobility (Normal), 100 Damage
    That's a good standard if you're expecting to trade a few blows.

    Deck wise: Relatively fast Low/Mid horizontal attacks (roughly 70-90 DMG range), with Guard Breaks and/or heavy horizontal attacks in alternate slots (175-200 DMG range).

    Tactics wise: Open combat with long range or dodge-attacks, then gold-link your low/mid attacks until you anticipate a Parry/Avoid/Absorb, then swap in your Heavy attacks to mis-time your opponents counter and punish them.

    That's basically it. Do that and you should be able to beat most low-level opponents.

    Good Luck!
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    But even with that, now i'm lvl 55 and very very small lvl are fucking stronger and faster than me, wtf. They have no life, no dommage, no resistance , and they completly destroy me =/

    Usualy they are guys who have a curious skin. Is Absolver a game "pay to win" ?? I think yes, because I see no logic on all that. I ask myself if to grow up the characteristic have a real impact.

    I made so many different characters ^^ , polyvalent, or full dommage, or full resistance, or full life, or a mix between dommage/life/resistance. Some with fast hits, other with strong hits, other with light skin, other with heavy skin.....

    But a lvl 10 destroy you......come on... =/

    That's why I don't understand the logic of this game. The characteristic have an impact vs the CPU characters. But not on the real players I think... :s
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    I think your taking player level way too seriously. Most of the time the level or even the tier are for the most part meaningless. When it comes to actually winning. Some players "cheese" there way to the top taking advantage of stubborn newer players that feed them exp. Or, lag matches in 3v3

    Your deck and your tactics are much more important. Most of the time the level really signifies experience and time played. Also, just so you know plenty of skilled players have started over since downfall and some players just start over anyways.

    Honestly jus focus on your tactics and your deck more than your health I currently run only 900 health with very little resistances 40 Blunt resistance 5 Cut resistance 24 Mobility 89.6 damage

    Another note: most of the time if you can avoid getting hit you dont even need to worry about your resistances.
  • tatsujay said:

    Another note: most of the time if you can avoid getting hit you dont even need to worry about your resistances.

    Spoken like a true Windfall Fighter. Props :-)

    Also, he's right about stats. Let them go. I always set my guys up at even stats across the board and go from there. It really is all about move strength and timing within your deck. The timing is so critical that small mistakes in your deck can really hurt you. The single most important suggestion about deck building goes as follows:

    Pay extremely close attention to the Frame advantage counts on Hit and on Block. If you want the next move to work well, be sure it's frame count is not higher than 10 plus the frame advantage you expect to have. I always tie together based on hit and it works extremely well. It also looks really pretty since the animations seem to glue together well. Don't forget the on block advantage though. I use those for the rear stance second moves so that it delivers in a pinch when I'm surrounded. That's super handy and cool as hell when you use it to bust out of a pile of dudes.
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    Is it viable to create a deck using only attacks with special properties
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