Inventory not saving

edited September 2018 in Bug reports

The inventory of myself and 5 other players I play with are not saving when quitting Absolver. All items gained are lost. All items salvaged are regained. All items dyed are reset. I believe this issue may be happening sporadically across all players. Here are some notable characteristics of the issue:
  • Items found in the world, such as the Oratian Scarf, are lost but cannot be picked up again.
  • When items are salvaged, the player keeps the fragments even after the item is regained.
  • Likewise, items purchased still permanently subtract fragments or crystals, even after they disappear.
  • Items gained from rift disks and coins are also lost.
  • Equipped items that are lost still provide appearance and protections to the character, until a new item is picked up and automatically equipped, replacing it.
I have noticed instances where the inventory is saved, yet I have not been able to pinpoint any particular factor causing this. I have attempted:
  • Moving from one area to another.
  • Equipping and unequipping the item.
  • Changing Encounters from Seemless and back again.
  • Using Shrines.
  • Changing settings in Options.
  • Using Practice/deck editing.
  • Dying.
  • Defeating an enemy.
  • Defeating a boss.
  • Completing a duel.
  • Completing a Downfall.
  • Quitting through standing meditation.
  • Quitting through a Shrine.
However, in each test any items gained were not kept, and any items salvaged were regained.

Please address this soon, as new players who have purchased Downfall are quickly stripped of all items including their starting gear, and be aware that reimbursement or reset of unique, one-time items will be required. Reimbursement of lost crystals and other rare items would be appreciated.
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