Lost Items

Today I`ve played Absolver and had to close the game after it crashed. Later I logged in again and all my Items I`ve weared are lost and i cant get them back or got any money for them. My game dont even safe my stuff im doing anymore.
Can someone help me?


  • I too have lost items in my inventory. Specifically items I purchased (with in game currency) and other items I 'Dyed'. 1 item (Elbow pads) I was still wearing and having the stats, but are not in my inventory. I even repurchased the pads and dyed them again, they are missing from my inventory too after re-logging in. Also after being on for about 3 minutes, I was booted to offline play.

    I think this is more of a server issue. I just read a post that people on PS4 are having the same issue. We might just have to wait and see if the devs post anything about this, or the servers are 'fixed' if my assumption is true.
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    Thanks for reaching out to us. We apologize for any frustration this issue has caused and will be sure to pass this information along for further review.

    In the meantime, if you have any other details, screenshots, or video you believe may be helpful in addressing this issue, please email support_pc@sloclap.com or support_ps4@sloclap.com, depending on your chosen platform.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.
  • Man this just happened to me twice in a row im gonna take a break from the game its clearly bugged i hope they can give my currency back also my character was blond for a bit.

    ps his hair is supposed to be back.
  • Nice to hear that i`m not the only one who got this issue. Or not that nice? Never Mind. Would be really great if it`ll be fixed one time and we maybe get our items back. I`ve unfortunately got not screenshots or stuff like that, because i just tryed alot of stuff to fix this.

  • It would be great aswell, when we are getting our items refunded or any compensation if its possible
  • I lost mine as well - I only just bought the game yesterday, though, so it's not that big a deal I suppose.
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