Downfall Problems/Bugs so far for me.

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My List of Bugs.

-Faejin has a problem with it's Forward special in back stance. It doesn't work client side half the time. I didn't even know it existed because it didn't work.

-Randomly, walking/running movement lock ups(movement still works as I can dodge in any direction just fine but I can't walk/run. I have to block and unblock to run again) Example:

-Weird Auto-feint when you just let go of block and start a move. But not consistently for some reason.

-Guardstun still makes a lot of actions unresponsive(mashing would be bad due to missing the timing, but timing it doesn't work as the input doesn't go through) causing heavy combos from players to stunlock you to break your stamina, or take health damage from whiffed inputs.

-Unable to buy Make it Rain and the Dance emotes with Crystals.


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    Here is the auto-feint bug. This is a massive problem when using Faejin. It's inconsistent to happen, but it does happen.
    (It happens at the end, I did feint once by being too quick, but the bug did happen)

    The game feels unplayable when there's random chance I get locked into position (Movement still inputs btw, but I don't move until I block and reblock. Not a controller issue, a game issue)
    And, when I let go of block I autofeint. So when I do a defensive action, I feint it when I don't want to. This has happened so many times during my PvE runs, during PvP when I parry with Faejin, I feint the hit after and I just get interrupted when I try to do a follow up.

    I'm probably done with the game till this is addressed.
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    Hi there, SHOKK.

    We sorry to hear you've run into some issues and apologize for any frustration they've caused. We'll be sure to pass along this information to our team.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to bring this to our attention, if there are any other details you believe may be relevant in addressing these issues, please email
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    I'm trying a lot of things to see if it's a compatibility issue that users can come across. I suggest looking into conflicts with Steam's use of Controller Inputs, that may be causing issues. I disabled it, reinstalled my device on Windows 10. And will be seeing if the Feint bug at the very least(possibly from ghost inputs that my controller isn't doing as shown in the video) are resolved.
    But the movement one where I have to block and unblock to move again. I can't get that to consistently happen.

    Since I can't edit my original post I'll add it here.
    The penalty of dying and losing 25% of your total gleam. Isn't good.

    I'm starting to make it a habit ANY time I do solo runs of The Fold. I die 2 times when I have 0 Gleam. As it's just entirely more efficient that way. Cause when you're at the end of the dungeon, at the boss, you can lose thousands of Gleam. (Due to the Boss in the Fold being only fair in Co-op, you're pretty much forced to die there)
  • Also adding.
    The Heal nerf in PvP is just not good.
    It's turning into who wins the first round wins the match.
    90% of my matches so far are pretty much 3-2s due to this. The end of round healing needs to be adjusted to compensate for the heal nerf.
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    The controller problems are a issue with Steam's handling of your controller, so anyone who has Steam's controller support enabled or big picture, they'll run across this issue. I was watching Peeve stream and his friend Jerp ran into this EXACT issue so it's not just me and my configuration.

    Since disabling it and uninstalling my drivers, restarting my PC for them to update again so Absolver works with my controller again(cause for some reason I couldn't use it once after disabling steam's) I haven't ran into the 2 issues since.

    This does need to be fixed as a lot of people probably have it enabled (Monster Hunter World requires it to play on Pad, which is why I had it enabled)

    So if you run into this issue, this is the solution. But it needs to be fixed as some people won't figure that out.

    (I really hate how I can't edit my posts after awhile, so I have to keep making new posts in a thread lol)
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