Why Is There No Way To Skip To A New Opponent

I've never played an online fighting game where I couldn't skip to a new opponent when the fight ends. It's so annoying having to join the queue, wait for someone to join, wait for the fight to load, then when it's all over if you don't want to fight them a million times you have to either wait for them to leave or leave yourself and wait on another loading screen just to rinse and repeat. Seems like a simple "find new opponent" button on the end screen would fix this


  • personally i dont mind leaving and joining again, but i heard other absolvers complaining about this too so youre not the only one that would like it to change
  • It just takes away from the game for me. The main focus of absolver is the pvp which I'm more than cool with I love it but it's hard to enjoy when you spend more time on loading screens then in the actual fights. I have so much time to just walk around my room, go get a glass of water, look out the window, go for a long walk, search for my soul, search for other peoples souls and countless other silly things when I should just be absolving
  • It would be cool to see it implemented in a way that it just grabbed you another fighter and showed them how much of a win streak you’re on, kinda a forewarning of how good you might be so the player can plan a attack.
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