The possible Future of Absolvers Pve Content

Hello Sloclap

I would have some ideas on how to combine the story and the fields in absolute terms. For example, one could simply be sent as an absolute by the guides from area to area to solve problems and crises. in order to defeat the evil power there to restore the order there as it is also the case in the downfall update in the adal mines. You could be sent to the tear to investigate a secret djungle temple there, for example To neutralize a very strong essens and behind this problem could again put new enemies and bosses. And on this journey through the jungle one would also meet again new martial arts cultures and teachers who teach a new styles to cope with the ruling enemies. that could be done with any region that exists and could still exist, and in the end you could dan for example end fight against the guides or against the golden ones the essens spirits who master a very special master style. the absolvers might understand that acting of the guides is wrong and they are only exploited as a fighter squad and rebel.

During this great journey as an absolute one could be sent from one chapter to the next to explore a very big world and train many new styles and weapons and abilities.

That's about the right in which I could imagine myself and many of my absolute friends. I do not know that in the studio many people since and only 7 people working as a programmer there and the whole still takes quite a long time.

Incidentally, the capitals could also be displayed in the game for a short time if you have mastered a particular story section and if the game starts as a suitable introduction for the next scenario :)

best regards

Tasgarn :)


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