Npc Mentors for all Styles like Rakio

Hello Sloclap

I noticed that it is for the other fighting styles forsaken khalt windfall, there is no npc teacher in the free world so one is always dependent on other players which to seek and join his school to learn dan the styles. So you are always dependent on finding another player if you want to learn the styles that restricts you to freedom of movement as far as learning is concerned therefore I would find it good to add teachers for every current fighting style and for the new styles.

greetings tasgarn :)


  • Hi Tasgarn,

    Kahlt, Windfall, and Forsaken are all available as starting choices when your character is created. Stagger is the only style that can't be chosen and, as such, needed a way to learn it. This is why Rakkio exists in terms of game design. Once the first player learned Stagger and created a school of their own, technically Rakkio became obsolete despite many new players still utilizing his school to learn Stagger.

    In reality, Rakkio's deck isn't great and most experienced players will tell you not to join his school to learn Stagger. They're not entirely wrong and that's a good thing. This game was designed in as many ways as possible to encourage player interaction and this is one of those ways.

    As for seeking players to learn, obviously that's a design decision that falls into our goal of player interaction. However, that interaction doesn't need to happen in-game and we don't limit it to that. Players post their school tags here on the forums, on Steam, in the Discord, etc, as ways to advertise their school and help other players learn.
  • ah oke i understand the background of this idea :)
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