Lost Prospects

So far in the story (having beaten each boss twice), nothing has said for certain what happens that causes Prospects to be lost to the Fold.

As such, I wondered if maybe they become "Lost" after dying too many times in combat. The ability to cheat death using essence surely isn't without some sort of cost, and I just have to wonder if maybe these people we are fighting have simply gone mad from being resurrected again and again and again.

Yet, what is truly strange to me is that each Lost Prospect is wearing attire unique to the region where they are found. As an example, you find Lost Prospects in the Essence Mines wearing essence miner capes and other gear. If these are actual prospects who have been corrupted, why aren't they all attired in different clothes? You know, like us, the players. It's almost as if they are delusional townspeople.

Why is it that many of these Prospects appear to be weeping, or attempting to silence voices in their heads, or trying to tear their masks off? Why are they obsessed with collecting as much essence as possible?

1. The Lost have some sort of social structure and carry out tasks. They dress according to their region and work.
2. They cannot die and will come back if killed.
3. They appear unhappy and miserable with a few exceptions.
4. They will not hesitate to fight Absolvers but refuse to fight other Lost even if blows are accidentally exchanged.
5. Not all Lost wear the Lost Prospect mask. Some wear regular Prospect masks.

It's a bit of a mystery to me. I like the mystery, it just begs to be solved.


  • You enter to some kind of "training ground" by putting on mask.. so why these lost prospects cannot be some kind of "memory" of that place.. you know- aura of people that lived here before this place was destroyed by essence, mayby these lost prospects were regular people, now just infected by negative essence..
  • Maybe the "Lost" act insane because they have lost over and over again. Never able to gain enough experience from fighting, staying stagnant. Because of this they established a hierarchy or groups in certain areas to have some sort of order. It's also possible that these lost prospects came from these areas of Adal, came back and through some hazy memories they head back to the respective areas the once knew changing into the respective regions clothes. Although the clothes part is far reaching it's all I can come up with.
  • Here is what I think, I think they are prospects that have gone insane. Here it is from their view. You put on the mask and your past life is vaporized. Your goal is to beat the Marked Ones and open the Marked Gate. But you can't, you try to beat the marked ones but they are too strong. You watch countless other prospects succeed while you fail over and over again. You want to quit. To go home. But where is it. You try to end it. But you respawn. Over and over. You try to take the mask off, but it won't come off. You are stuck. You vow to stop other prospects from succeeding out of spite. Then you notice a light, it shines, it is beautiful. You recognize it as essence. It is there for you. It is the only thing there for you.
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