Replenishing stamina sucks

Only way to get it back is by rubning away. You gain a TINY insignificant amount from a defensive ability. Your only other recourse is to simply run away. Dash out. Maybe lock off for good measure. And run away. It’s boring. It’s pace breaking. And the only other alternative is using shockwave or earthquake JUST to get some stamina back. It’s not fun at all. Maybe increase stamina recharge across the board so it’s not so ridiculous? Stamina honestly needs to be worked on cuz parries just aren’t a viable solution for that. Ok, I parried. But if I attack i go back to being at near 0. If I run away, they’ll still be able to hit me probably. Whether it be some horizontal attack or some regular attack with retarded range


  • Believe me, you do not want to increase stamina regen rates. Have you not come up against talented players who seem to never run out? You really want them to never stop throwing punches?
    You have to learn how to conserve energy and when to step back. Getting all your stamina back in a battle is going to be rare, but you can use controlled engagement to better manage your stamina.
  • I mean I usually step back as my stamina is running low when comboing someone. However, the problem is that if they have stamina, they WILL try to rush me down. At the point. Your best bet is locking off and literally Mayweathering the fight. Kinda sucks tbh. Wish the defensive abilities gave more stamina. Maybe 50% of the stamina you would have lost if you simply blocked. Same goes for Windfall. Except maybe make it like 40% if it sounds too op. Then again, even tho I win most of my matches, I’m pretty sure I’m no top level player
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    Hi LuxisAudron,

    Stamina management is a key part of playing Absolver. If you find yourself constantly running out, then you need to either adjust your deck or the way you approach your fights in general. You may also need to change up your armor if you're wearing stuff that's fairly heavy.

    There are plenty of experienced players in the official Discord that can help you out if you ask.
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