Absolvers, we are training for something!

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So, i really love this game, not only for fighting itself, but also for story.. a warrior who stand in front of opportunity to become one of the elite defenders: absolvers. But wait... what are the threats?

We are moved by abstract mask to realm/place/time to train to the time when they need our help, and we training, challenging ourselfs with others.. and what could happend in this time..?

Mayby the same think that destroyed adal tower?

ABSTRACT-mineral, source of power that allows absolvers to use their schock waves, materialize weapons. Utility of this gold substance is insane. but what happend when someone corrupt this essence.? Use this to controll mind of someone.. create human-like abstract army, could you imagine that in "bird village" where you training you see crystal anomaly that rush on you..?

That open so many ways to gain even more powers, weapons, moves (like f.e. in this post: https://www.absolvergame.com/forums/discussion/647/gast-method-fan-made-stance-with-doodles#latest )

The new Dungeon is still a part of training (i think), mayby there is some kind of acient evil that we will accidentally wake up? And we have to face the real threat then.
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