Are the Forsaken and Khelt classes missing something?

From my point of view and other players that I have spoken to on PlayStation Network, There have been some interesting bits of information that we have found within our own classes, mainly the stances within Forsaken and Khalt. The players that I have spoken to were kind enough to give me a few minutes of their time in a few sparring matches to see the class' features that are good but need a few tweaks here and there to make it just right.

I'll start off with Khalt class(This came from a player who was a friend of mine):

The khalt stance's absorbing capabilities are lacking if it gave back more health than max damage taken, even just little bit more. As it is there's no point in using it, it doesn't even slow the enemy down. Alternatively, it could also be a bit more useful if the regain-able health didn't go away the instant you took a hit. Right now it makes you lose health like you took the damage anyways, but give you the opportunity to regain the health (and no more than you lost) IF you manage to hit them back a bunch, without first being hit yourself. Which is difficult because it doesn't even break or slow an enemies combo like all the other dodge-things do.

Next comes my class: Forsaken(this required a couple people since its a tougher class)

I can understand that Parrying takes a little more time to master due to the amount of precision required when fighting, but one other person and I(and many parry loving players can see where we are coming from) believe that the Parry function in Absolver is a little too clunky for such a flowing combat game. If it was used with a different type of control configuration and/or moved in a more realistic and smooth fashion like actual martial arts, people would love the Forsaken class just as much as the other classes. Right now? People don't even try it; it's ridiculously rare to find a forsaken player that ACTUALLY parries. I can see why there isn't a single Forsaken school that's in the top 10 list(not even at number 10, that's worrisome) Most of the schools on that list is either Windfall and Stagger; there's only 1 khalt class I think on that list too.

I hope this information helped the players as well as the moderators. I also have a post or 2 on the Level Cap( you're better off seeing the post under general discussions) if anyone wishes to see that, up to you. Have a good day guys!
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