Crash after Continue

Hi there,

The game starts of fine but crashes after character creation during the loading screen.
The announcement i get afterwards is (translated from german):

The order in 0xc5e4bf8f references the memory 0x00000098. The process read could not be conducted in the memory.

The numbers change after every crash (For example 0xc5e49ce2/0x00000040).
I'm using Windows 8 on a laptop with specs ways below what would be necessary but thought I would try if it works during the free steam weekend.

It happend right after downloading the game and I already checked the integrity via steam and reinstalled the game after checking that all the files were deleted.



  • Hey QuestForAbsolution,

    If you aren't meeting the minimum requirements for the game, then that is why you're running into issues. Unfortunately, that isn't something we can assist with.
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