More emojissssslots

On ps4 when holding L1 if you set start/stop Co-op,and start/stop fight to face buttons, a full wheel of emojis could be used. I hate going back and forth from meditation just to switch between my most used and the ones i use for helping new players like "over there" and "follow me" just a thought :) keep up the amazing


  • Amazing work*
  • Greetings SlyRiot,

    You've given a pretty cool idea on emojis, so thank you! I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your idea to the team.

    Thanks again for your support. :smile:
  • i personally struggled with the emotes i could see how emojis would be a nice features as long as they aren't combat intrusive and feature options to earn them and turn them off for players who want a clean interface. The controls for emotes got in the way of fighting for me, i wanted virtue and more attacking option modifyers, the least more emotes and attacks should be awarded to players with story progress and from equipment as well as future emoji.
  • Not emojis like stickers sorry i meant the emotes.
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