Absolver Patch 1.16 Has Arrived!

Hi everyone,

The 1.16 Update is now available for Steam and GoG! The PS4 version is currently being validated by Sony and should be up shortly, we’re sorry about the delay. Please find below the Patch Notes with all the new content along with a link to all the balance changes and debug information.

If you encounter any issue with the game, please mail us with all the details at support_pc@sloclap.com , support_ps4@sloclap.com or support_online@sloclap.com

New content & Improvements

Prestige System Update

The Prestige System Update will expand your possibilities after you hit level 60. You’ll be able to show your Absolver way with new tools:
  • Change your Character’s appearance (sex, skin, hair type and hair color) by spending Crystals
  • New haircuts are available
  • Change your 1v1 introduction cinematic with new ones to buy in the Essence Shop
  • Create equipment presets, with copy/paste feature, to tweak your Fabsolver
  • Preview Equipment in the Essence Shop before buying
  • Dye your masks (not available with all masks)
  • Players can open up to 100 Rift Coins/Disks in a single button press
  • Reset attributes now cost 1 crystal
  • Other quality of life improvements are featured in this update, such as the ability to copy/paste decks in your deck selection menu, making it easier to refine and iterate on your favorite decks.
Schools Update

The 1.16 update features the first steps in the updates we want to make to the School system (there will be more school-related features in the next updates.
  • Players can now leave a School directly, without having to join a new one
  • Mentors can now update their School content by spending 1 Crystal
  • Hayen now has a “Find School by ID” feature
  • Players can learn attacks from their school decks by using them against enemies
  • School’s leaderboard is accessible from the School menu
  • New Gear and 3v3 Maps
  • Two new 3v3 maps are now available, as well as plenty of new gear, both in the shop and in Rift Coins/Disks.
  • New remapping options have been added. We also fixed the bugs linked to the older remapping version.
  • You can now skip Rift Disks/Coins opening animation
  • 3v3 Resource FX have been updated: Polish and optimization of the effects
  • The movements of the player now have sounds feedbacking more accurately their gear’s material
You can find the full list of balance changes and debuf information here.


  • No ps4update yet :'(
  • Bonjour,

    Comme à chaque grosse maj, je reviens sur Absolver :-)
    Ce jeu si singulier que j'ai plaisir à voir grandir.

    Dans cette maj 1.16 je retrouve pas mal d'idées de la communauté et c'est vraiment super.

    Je me sens pris en compte alors je me permets de reformuler mes souhaits pour le future du jeu :smile:

    - Mode classé (statistiques de nos combats, classement mondial ...etc).
    - Un mode 2v2
    - Un mode survie où l'on affronte des vagues de boots. Il faut tenir le plus longtemps possible. De préférence, en co-op voir à 3.

    Le 60FPS tue complétement le 3v3 qui n'y a pas encore accès. C'est tellement plaisant de jouer en 60 FPS sur les duels que ça fait mal de passer en 3v3...

    Je sais que vous le savez et que vous faites de votre mieux, alors bravo pour toutes ces améliorations, pour l'équilibrage du jeu sur le 1.15, sur les fonctionnalités et l'esthétique (partie intégrante du jeu). Mais maintenant, il nous faut... du jeu ! ;-)

    Bon courage.
  • Hey everyone,

    The PS4 Update is now live! We appreciate your patience while we got the build validated. Let us know if you run into any issues.
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