Weekend Combat Beta Patch Notes (Feb 16th - 18th)

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Hi everyone,

The Combat Beta starts today !

For a full list of the gameplay changes implemented in the beta, see here: https://absolvergame.com/news/absolver-gameplay-beta-full-patch-note

For info on how/when to access the beta, see here: https://absolvergame.com/news/absolver-enter-beta-testing-this-weekend

Please share the news about this beta with your Absolver friends, the more players we have joining the beta, the better the feedback will be!

We're looking forward to trying out these changes with all of you this weekend :)

All the best,
Sloclap Team


  • Roll-Backfist deserves to be horizontal too! pls =) other sideavoid attacks has advantage in compare with roll-backfist
  • - Windfall avoid dont slow down the enemy
    - Fight feels faster, i like it
  • I really like the changes to the stopping moves. They just became usefull for the first time in my opinion^^.
    Overall i like most of the balancing changes i tryed out in the beta, but since ive playing with all 4 styles from time to time(khalt i little less) i feel like windfall shouldnt be weakened.
    The changes to the sword moves are really needed ! gj on that because for now its really to easy to build an anti-windfall sword deck.
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