Shard Powers

I was in the shower thinking about Kung Fu and thought I would throw up some ideas I had for new Shard Powers

0 Shards (Passive Ability) - Fracture Points - Landing 3 attacks in quick succession causes your opponent to lose 1 Shard.
1 Shard - Infusion - Your next attack dealsX% more physical and stamina damage. Consumed if attack is absorbed by block or defensive ability, but not if attack is canceled by Feint.
3 Shards - Curse - Opponent loses X% of their max hp every second for Y seconds or until they deal damage to the caster.
4 Shards - Flare - Opponent is blinded and slowed for the next X seconds.
5 Shards - Shatter - Special Parry. If successful, deals damage equal to one fourth of opponents max HP.


  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for your suggestions! Your ideas for new shard powers are very interesting. We can't guarantee your ideas will be used, but we really do appreciate the time you took to share with with us and encourage you to share any other suggestions or feedback you may have for us in the future.
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