Story of a hopeful Absolver

It began at launch, I traversed the lands in search of growth, and so it was found. I became a competent combatant, but my deck was still incomplete. That was until I encountered a nearly naked individual who taught me the way of the slap. I finally reached the power I originally strived for. But it was for naught, soon after my save file was lost in the great Save Game Wipe. Like many others I was affected, and thus lost the power I fought so hard to achieve. I've rose once more, and I've reached greater heights than I have before. However I'm still lacking the power that I once had, and now I'm bound to travel the lands in search of it once more.

TL;DR. Anyone see a calbot master around? I've literally been searching for it since September :l


  • I have it on PS4 if you're on, message me a time and I'll sort you out. Love from a fellow Ancient Prospect.
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