Double hits and absorb

As of now, a few double hit like whirlwind double punch, mill punch, and double fit stretch are prooving difficult to absorb and counter. The second hit bleeds through the absorb frames.

I similar thing happened with parry a few patches ago.

Is this a l2p issue or did I make a sound observation.


  • It would be nice to see Absorb tanking all of the hits through the course of its animation, not just the first one. That means that attackers would still need a good follow-up plan, and the Khalt would still have to attack, but getting a bit of breathing room against these spamming attacks.
  • Precisely. Absorb should negate the stun from double hits if the initial hit is absorbed.

    It was never an issue in the previous patches. I'm not sure what changed to make things different.
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    Double hits have always been an issue, but I honestly can't tell if it has always been latency-related or intentional. On host in PvP and in offline pve I can easily absorb any double-hit and buffer a counterattack. If I'm on the opponent's host and I buffer after absorbing a double-hit then I will be interrupted by the second hit of their attack. So that means I have to absorb without buffering which keeps the absorb animation up longer and thus making it a successful absorb on the double-hit. However, without buffering an attack, and with the dodge and block penalty delay after an absorb, it means that often-times but still inconsistently if you buffer the double-hit from opponent host then they will follow up with any attack and you can't do anything about it.

    So as you can see the game behaves very differently in different latency circumstances, but I cannot tell which is intended. Is it intended that double-hits absorb just as easily as single hits? Or is it intended that double-hits effectively counter kahlt absorbs like guard breaks do?

    Edit: I'll add that the more consistent thing to do these days is just block through the double-hits and find an opening to exploit. When they corrected protection stats (however they did it, not really sure) it made it so certain double-hit loops weren't so effective against your HP or stamina.
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