Clip save / cinematic replay

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Picked the game up recently and I'm loving it, I save clips after good looking fights, but watching them from 3rd person view doesn't feel as awesome as it could. I would love to be able to adjust the camera & zoom in and out, essentially to make my own Kung Fu shorts. I hope this is in the plan cause i think it would be a huge potential marketing tool for them and IMO worth the development time.

(update: did a little research and it seems like it's something thats not too difficult to do with unreal engine 4 games, especially if they have multiplayer: )


  • Spectator mode is one of features that are planed for the game, so maybe we can expect that they will ship it with (or later expandy by) Replay system. I love the idea and i agree, it will be an amaizing tool for content creators.
  • Hey LuigiLogik,

    You've given some pretty cool ideas, so thank you! I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be sharing your ideas to the team. Thanks again!
  • awesome, thanks!
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    Most recent GFX cards have a replay function built in.
  • Would still be an amazing idea!
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