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Simple question but is there really a need for moves that break Kahlt absorb ?

The other styles don't have any specific countering moves, if you manage a dodge, a parry, you are gold no matter what the move is, Just like with any other styles isn't it enough to bait faint a move to force an absorb ?

That style suffers from multi hits, fast moves, kahlt guard breaks, and is nowhere near effective as the others when it comes to added effects on successful absorb. I mean there could be some added speed damage on the move following a successful absorb... a slowdown on the opponent combo, something, because right now after a success absorb you are left with zilch...


  • Nope! I see no reason for moves to break absorb.
    The only effective play-style I see for Kahlt is following aborb with extremely fast interrupting attacks, or following with charge attacks.
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    Well that's really shit tbh..

    Play kahlt, absorb with your leg static on the ground and eat a flaming knee, eat a flaming elbow...

    Fighting styles should promote variety in the moves used, which is absolutely not the case. Everyone play the same moves because they are just better than everything else and dress it up with whatever style that suit em.

    Styles should have more of an impact on the moves you use them with.
  • I agree on the part with the double-hit attacks but I think its fine that guard breaks counter absorb. Unlike every other style, where you have to observe your opponent, Kahlt lets you get far with only reflexes. I played Kahlt since the beginning and I still use absorb against guard breaking attacks because I didnt watch my opponents and just throw absorbs out. I guess that is why I have so many problems with any other style but Kahlt.
    Its only weird that Kahlt is currently the only style with a direct counter like that, it would be fair if the other styles would also get such counters.

    I also dont think that absorb needs any buffs (except for a way to deal with double-hit attacks). Like UNCBLOCKS said, Kahlt needs certain attacks to be really successful, like fast attacks, charging attacks or attacks with dodge properties. Absorb is not as flashy as the other moves but its still effective when played with a Kahlt-friendly deck, each absorb only gives a small advantage but you can absorb every second attack, so the advantages pile up.
    Good Kahlt-users really seem like unmovable enemies since they dont even flinch when getting attacked, they just absorb it and attack you before you can chain the next attack.

    I agree that fighting styles should promote variety and I think that the current attribute-system is mostly at fault here since everyone can have everything. The attributes that each style gives, like the strength bonus for kahlt and dexterity bonus for windfall, dont matter since people still have enough of the other attributes.
    My decks are usually focused on strength but I still use "Uramawashi", which has S in dex, in almost every deck because its just too good to pass up.
  • I like the idea of having un-avoidable or un-parriable moves. But yeah, playing Kahlt forces you to be fast and aggressive, which kinda makes sense. But its also kind of lame, very button-mashy. I also agree that the attribute system is mostly pointless; stats need to have a WAY greater impact on attack damage. As for everybody using the same moves, (shrug) yeah, that's definitely true, but I mostly see the Grab-Punch, WWDP, etc. build mostly on new players; more advanced players seem to avoid these moves; maybe because they're bored with them or because they feel dirty using them, I'm not sure.
  • I dont know how much pc differs from ps4 but i despise running my stamina into the dirt just so every move in my deck can be absorbed like it doesnt have 170+ damage behind it. It happens a hell of alot less in a pvp situation but holy hell angrel stands there and absorbs every move i have in a recent ninja tank deck build i thought i was a master mind for creating lmao i have a saved replay and everything.
  • Throw a Guard Break into your ninja build, those cant be absorbed
  • Throw a Guard Break into your ninja build, those cant be absorbed
  • Dude if you take out guard breaks I'll steam roll through everyone. So please, remove guard break weakness to absorb just before the next paid tourney please. Thanks.

    Absorb is omni-directional. It's extremely easy to use and is very powerful at controlling the pace of the fight. The only way the opponent can actually go onto the offensive is if they can mix in guard breaks.
  • You can pretty much immediately dodge after absorb, read your opponent, learn their deck. Use dodge when they charge a power attack. If it tracks, be ready to counter.
  • forget everything I said in the past regarding Kahlt, I had an epiphany.
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