I wanna love stagger...

...but it really is sub par :/

I mean forward dash is great to initiate when under pressure... that is when your dash actually connects and you don't end up missing your opponent like a drunkard with no aim. No evade from opponent, no thrust countering move, you just end up missing the guy plain and simple and getting punished for free.

Backstep evading kick is nice, when it connects, again. Most of the time it works, you evade, but the kick simply doesn't land. Gotta love being cornered, unable to register a forward dash while being pummelled and unable to obtain any effect from the backstep evading kick as...the camera leaves you guessing what to do next.

The two side evade hits, again, work, except when they don't, and that's the majority of the time, You evade yes, but the hit just doesn't connect. I mean in a meta where everyone plays sweeps and laser targeting moves those have to be useful, yes, yes ?

So while the style is "average" in PvE, i would liken it to an other word ending in "-age" for PvP. No stamina gain, no hyper armor, no parry stun, no movement slow, just a good idea with bad execution.

So am I just bad at the style or does it need some lovin' ?


  • https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211829861 If it's not at the right spot, go to 4:22:00 to see a series of duels between Metafist and Newport. Metafist is PC NA Stagger main and he's one of the best with it. Newport is one of probably the 2 best players in the game (PC NA anyways). He's a Forsaken main and was trying out Stagger with a non-meta deck.

    I think watching these two duel a few times will at least give you an idea of what Stagger is capable of doing. Is it as good as Forsaken? No. But it's good. I still say its in this order > Forsaken, Kahlt, Stagger, Windfall.
  • Back hop and forward charge are a good balance of useful but not OP with stagger, especially if you favour pressure also the stamina thing makes sense. The side spins are weak though and would make more sense if they travelled slightly further around the player and either moved quicker or had a couple of iFrames at the start, the idea being, the rolls could follow the path of circular moves since mid to low hits are only kind of countered by the forward charge, but there's no good defence for high damage low hits that works as well as the other three styles.

    Being able to lead the path of at least some circular hits by doing the side rolls faster and further would differentiate it more from windfall which would be good for variety's sake, just have to keep the changes quite small since it could very easily be OP.
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