New Update?

So i got the game approximately a week ago and i am playing within the oceanic region, i feel like since the player base is quite low within these areas i was wondering when the next to new major update will be, im sure you have had many people ask you this but i think it has gotten to the point for oceanic players where we need new content or a ETA for new content to be able to choose a game like 'absolver' over a game like 'for honor' solely for the player base due to heavy decrements in player base during the last month. So having a confirmed date or even a approximated one would lighten up our hearts for players who still support and love the game, and i think i come from everyone who still do that we ask what the approximate date will look like for major updates and what are some future contents that players should be looking forward to?

Thank you for your time reading this as a player or developer :)
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