Stuck in geometry

In the attic of the house where there is usually an NPC spawn looking out over the zone, I have gotten stuck in that attic more than once if i venture in to fight the npc. One time I got stcu where the floor and outside ground level meet, and another thime was in a corner of the room on the same side.


  • Hey Skun_Qi, thank you very much for bringing this to our attention on the forums.

    The level of detail you've provided is excellent, so this will really help the team to look into the issue further, thank you! While I can't promise a direct response from them, I'll make certain that it gets to them.

    Thank you again, and please accept my apologies for the times you've been stuck!
  • Glad to be of help. If I come across anymore such bugs I'll post 'em here.
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