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Help Getting Stagger Moves?

I need help getting specific stagger moves, once I find my paper that has my build on it, I will let you all know which ones, and maybe you can help me get a few more too?



  • edited November 14
    Stretched Out Hook, Donkey Slap, Grab Punch, Whirlwind Double Punch, Body Blow, Roll Back Fist, Grab Punch, Kanke Strike, Parry and Strike, Drunken Paw, Hadrunku, Pulmanory Punch, Back Trip Kick, Drunk Stomp, Roll Back Fists. Those are the ones I need, I would like to also get these if you can: That funny slap, Tripped Kick, Charged Haymaker, Roll Punch, Spinning High Kick, MejaLua, Ankle Stomp, Front Sweep, Handstand Kick, Hadrunku, Sky Kick, and Scissor Kick.

    My steam is slickcraft or Lostrozzacavalli. My character name is BinSoBad!

    If you can help me that would be great!

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    i had a roadblock when trying to complete my stagger training as well.I also was lacking in understanding of the fight-school, and combat-deck relationship. I'm good for the moment, I've found all the moves stagger moves or at least all the ones you get from Rakkio's school.

    here's my topic on the subject. in it I've listed all the NPCs that have given me the stagger moves.
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