2 weeks and still no reply?

i've sent a support mail. posted on fourms cause i need some help regarding the pvp aspect cause i cant connect and still no answer from either so far ...


  • Hey there shadowzone, I'm so sorry we didn't catch your original thread. I had a look at it there, and the black screen issue is definitely something that I'd advise you to contact the support team for.

    It can occasionally take a bit of time for the support team to get back to everyone, so please don't lose hope. Additionally, if there's any extra information or further details you can provide, it might help to send a follow up email on the back of the one you sent first, such as a dxdiag file, which will help save you time.

    Again, I do apologize that we missed your original post, and I hope the team help to resolve your issue very soon!
  • i hope it will get fixed soon, ill send the dxdiag file and thnx for replying anyways
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