It would be nice to exchange coins for disks (ie. 5 coins for 1 disk?)
It would even nicer, if all the suggestions raised here were somehow tracked and shared with community to reflect what is considered and what has been abandoned.


  • Well to be fair most of what is going has been replied to by the staff......very generically but you can't tell their ideas are not worth it as well. And the loot system is still being worked on so if you want to have a group consensus your gonna need people to chip in on it. But I do agree about the coins very much...I have never gotten anything above a uncommon and since I have over 70 levels of prestige(some of it on alts) I find the coins....rather useless. I imagine if they had a purpose out side of just loot???? Or when they introduce the option to roll for set loot it costs coins instead? This way pvp coins will be used as currency for choice gear? Maybe even use the coins as guild/school/clan/dojo currency as well? But really the single coin is pretty pointless as its the same method as item and now you have a mini cut scene to deal with for loot.
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