Thanks !

Just wanted to say my thanks for the new Systems.

I really like the Prestige System. You can play either PvE, Open World PvP or Combat Trials and gain Crystals to buy Rift Disk and get awesome Loot. It is a really nice touch. Combat Trials for hours on end as the only method was exhausting.

Repairing equipment with Fragments which you recieve by dismantling copies or unwanted equipment is a good choice. Makes farminf NPC's viable as well.

I read that there will be a dye system. As well as the ability to ?buy? Equipment with fragments sounds Awesome.

Am really looking forward to 3v3 that will breeze some fresh air into PvP.

Thanks again for your good work and this fun game !

(And if I may ask. How about an announcement about your upcoming announcement ? Like “next week we'll tell you more“)


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