Absolver Online Experience Survey: We need your help!

edited December 2017 in Official News
As announced last week, we pushed a server-side patch on Friday, October 13th, addressing the online issues we identified. This update should have improved the online experience of players across the globe.

We’d like you guys to fill out the feedback survey below to give us your impressions on online topics, overall and since last Friday - it will be very useful for us to have the best possible view of the current situation and players' feelings regarding the state of the game.


We’re still working on the previously announced features, more news on this should be there next week; of course monitoring our player base overall impressions.

Thank you for your support!


  • Hi Slocap. Just wanted you to know that while I did fill out the survey and most of my answers are rarely(1\10) I'd actually like to commend you. Because if it weren't for my crappy internet connection I'd have selected never. The last patch has made my connection so much better and I've enjoyed the game so much more since then.
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