Invisible player model

Hi, I'm really new to this game and I was progressing well. This game is amazing in every aspect but I came across a problem in the Colosseum big fight with the red mask guy( I don't know who it is because I came across this bug). I was running from the docks area to the big open space and I just ran up to interact with it, forgetting that some enemies spawned around the arena and as I activated the cut scene the enemies started to beat up on me but I couldn't move because I was watching the cut scene. The scene got halfway through and the minor enemies killed me. Instead of the regular re spawn screen, a retry, yes or no screen came up, Which I assume was because I had initiated the fight. I pressed A to retry and it froze for a few seconds before re spawning me but I was invisible in a mob of enemies and unable to press any buttons, attack, use abilities or press start. I took a screenshot, but I was unable to get my recording software up in time.From what I could tell in the screenshot, I'm in between the dead person mask and the Boss in the red mask.
Shortly after, they killed me again and I was unable to press A or B to retry or not. Neither would work so I had to end the task.
Hope it gets fixed.
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