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Absolver Forum Guidelines

While these sites are the property of SloClap/Devolver Digital they are here for you, the community. In order to keep this a fun place for all, there are certain rules that must be followed. The rules apply to all methods of communication between community members i.e. forums, private messages, groups, e-mail, blogging, etc.

  • I. These forums are for Absolver, and related topic discussion and are to be engaged in a pleasant and fun manner. These forums are run by SloClap and Devolver Digital for the promotion of our games and communicating to our customers and Community members. The topics and subjects discussed here should focus around Absolver in general and other related topics. These forums are not for discussing other topics such as politics, sex or adult topics, religion, etc. Topics or discussions may be closed at the discretion of staff and volunteer moderators.

  • II. SloClap staff, Devolver Digital staff, official Moderators, or appointed agents reserve the right to edit or delete any content found on these sites and ban any offenders to the site rules without warning. By using this site you are accepting the Site Rules and agree to follow these rules.

  • III. There is a zero tolerance policy on any form of abuse towards staff, moderators or other Community members. Content that is insulting to anyone based on gender, lifestyle, religion, ethnic group, race etc. is unacceptable and will be deleted without warning. Anyone posting a personal attack on staff, moderators or other Community members will, at the sole discretion of staff or moderators, be banned from the Absolver Community Forums (ACF) without notice and is no longer welcomed. In addition, do not post another member's personal information such as their email address, other website profiles, or other sensitive material without their permission. "Doxing" will not be tolerated.

  • IV. Using these forums is a privilege, not a right. While we continue to value all of our customers and fans, participation in the ACF and engaging with staff and like-minded community members is - to be abundantly clear – a privilege, and not a right. Members may continue to discuss and critique our games and products in a civil manner, but any form of discussion targeted at an individual will not be tolerated. New and existing members who cannot adhere to the code of conduct, or maintain a civil demeanor at all times, are encouraged instead to contact customer support for any game related issues they may have.

  • V. No Spam. Spamming can be defined as posting multiple times about the same thing, starting multiple topics about the same thing, posting off-topic posts in other people’s discussion threads or topics, or providing links that have nothing to do with the forum, topic or subject at hand, or taking existing discussions off of intended topic. Spam will be deleted without warning. Posting single images or animated .gifs instead of discussion is considered spam and is not wanted here. Posts may not contain secret codes or languages. What constitutes Spam is up to the discretion of staff and moderators. Forum “bumps” are considered a form of spam and are not allowed. This extends to "necro’ing" threads more than a month dead. Let the natural conversational flow of the community determine what should rise to the top and what should not.

  • VI. Talking about your personal projects and successes is welcome and encouraged, selling things is NOT. Linking to sale sites is forbidden, suggesting that users contact you for sales is forbidden, discussing grey market prices is forbidden. Asking for money or donations is not allowed.

  • VII. No posting single images or animated images. Posting single images or animated .gifs/images instead of engaging in discussion is not allowed. These are discussion forums and that means engaging in dialog, not picture spam. Using images to support your discussion is fine as long as the images used conform to the standard forum rules (no adult content, no slander, no racism, etc). Posting single images instead of discussion will be considered spam and will not be tolerated. Images will be deleted without warning. Posters may be banned for repeated offenses.


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    • VIII. No fighting or flame wars. There is no place for fighting and flaming others on these message boards. Disagreeing with other Community members is acceptable and understood, but actively fighting and/or flaming will not be tolerated. Topics that are designed to start a flame war (defined as abrasive and/or offensive argument that serves no purpose but to make people mad) or posts made that are discourteous and/or hostile to other Community members or the discussion at hand will be treated as Spam and deleted without warning. If someone acts in a hostile manner to you or to others, DO NOT engage a person or persons who is fighting. Contact staff or a moderator and let them handle the issue. What is considered fighting or flaming is up to the discretion of staff and volunteer moderators. A person or persons found to fight with or flame others may be banned from these forums at the discretion of the staff.

    • IX. No trolling on a personal level either. Do not post messages specifically intended to antagonize, incite, or "get a rise" out of other members. Your role and ours is to create and maintain a living community, not to frustrate and put off other members or newcomers. Do not create avatars and signatures intended to bait, defame, ridicule, insult or otherwise mess with other users. Parody, at the expense of other users is forbidden. Do not copy other users profiles. Should a moderator edit your post, you may not remove those edits or notes.

    • X. Stay on-topic. There will be some leniency on this, and we don't mind if you bring in new ideas or new ways of looking at a topic or idea, but stay focused. If you think it's a good enough topic, start a new thread about it. This also prevents losing a good idea in a thread about another topic. Threads that wander off-topic will be closed and/or trimmed or moved to their appropriate forum.

    • XI. No Topics of an illicit or illegal nature. Warez, software piracy, illegal activities, pornography, posting copyrighted material or scans of such material, etc. are not welcome here and will be removed without warning. Posters of such material will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    • XII. One Forum account per user. Users may be playing with multiple characters and personas, but may post from only one forum account. When a user posting through an “alt” is discovered, the user will be asked to choose which they would like to continue using and the others will have their posting permissions removed. This rule will be applied when alt usage is discovered, not pre-emptively applied to accounts with the same IP (which could be used by family members.) The use of alts may not be used to circumvent probations of forums and chat. Any account discovered doing so will have its ability to contribute to the forums permanently removed, and the probation on the original account extended (if warranted.) Posting on behalf of probated accounts will result in action against the posting account.

    • XIII. No impersonating staff, moderators or other Community members. Attempting to pose as a SloClap or Devolver Digital employee, an employee of any of affiliates, a volunteer forum moderator or any other registered user will not be tolerated and will result in the deletion of that username. This also applies to variations of registered names. A person or persons found to impersonate others may be banned from these forums at the discretion of the staff.

    • XIV. Respect staff and/or moderator warnings or instructions. If you are instructed by SloClap or Devolver Digital staff or by forum moderators to modify your language, behavior or actions on the Social site, forums, or website, you must listen to the instructions. A person or persons found or judged to be ignoring these instructions may be banned from these forums at the discretion of the staff.

    • XV. Do not discuss moderation actions in the forums. The probation of other users is not relevant to Absolver as a game. Do not argue with moderators in forum posts or private messages. Passive-aggression and oblique reference is still arguing. We’ll be setting up shortly a way for you to contact the Mod team as a whole should you have any complaints about Mod behaviour. Be aware that when we do we will examine your entire posting history and will apply probation as we deem appropriate. Contacting Management will NOT be a ‘get out of jail free’ card, and as many probation decisions are already reviewed by Management prior to being applied, you may expect the probation to be upheld in most cases.

    • XVI. We reserve the right to modify these rules without warning.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in either a temporary ban or a permanent ban, based on the severity of the offense. More serious violations of these rules may result in further steps taken with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), Law Enforcement or required authorities or agencies.
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